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  • Your Supplement Guide - Digital
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Dr. Thad Gala

Dr. Thad Gala

Dr. Thad Gala

Dr. Thad Gala

Dr. Thad Gala

  • This Guide helps you navigate the supplement industry.

For years, I’ve used nutritional supplements among my patients. My family and friends swear by them. I never miss a day taking them. While studies support their effectiveness, I’ve also personally witnessed how taking supplements can transform health, boost vitality, and help people look and feel their best.

At the same time, massive confusion surrounds supplements. When patients show me what they take, I sometimes wince at the ingredients and other problems.

Worse than just wasting money and time on inferior, ineffective supplements, these patients put their hard-earned health on the line ingesting hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, rancid oils, and other junk many commercial supplements contain.

I wrote this guide to help my patients and readers without becoming overwhelming, I’ve tried to provide a basic understanding about popular supplements and how to make optimal choices.

My ultimate goal is to empower you to reach your health goals, whether they include losing weight, gaining energy, or reversing chronic disease.


  • Why nutritional supplements are a must
  • When a bargain isn't a bargain
  • Which supplements are effective and why
  • The core supplements I believe everyone should be taking




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