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Metabolic Multi
  • Metabolic Multi
  • Metabolic Multi
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Product Description

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Metabolic Multi Highlights

  • Potent support of healthy glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity*
  • Promotes the efficient conversion of dietary carbohydrates and fats to energy*
  • Supports cardio-metabolic health*
  • Nutrient combination providing comprehensive, synergistic support*
  • Non-GMO

Comprehensive support for healthy insulin sensitivity and blood glucose metabolism

Metabolic Multi is one of our favorite formulas due to the numerous layers of support it provides to promote healthy blood glucose metabolism, cellular responsiveness to insulin, and the digestion and break down of dietary carbohydrates and fats.*

We chose ingredients which provide direct and indirect support of metabolic health through various mechanisms, some of which include liver health, TCA (Krebs) cycle, and macronutrient metabolism. When supporting metabolic health through a variety of means, you truly feel the benefits of this comprehensive support formula.*

As always, we continue to hold ourselves to the strictest standards regarding quality with Dia Beat It being free of several common allergens, non-GMO, and artificial sweetener free.

Nutritional support for optimal metabolic health

  • Multifaceted support*
    • The well thought out collection of nutrients found within Metabolic Multi work together to support metabolic health at a variety of levels, both direct and indirect. Healthy, efficient process is supported from the metabolism of glucose, to maintaining cell responsiveness to insulin, to the digestion and detoxification processes which are so very important to the initial stages of metabolism and the end stages of healthy bio transformation.
  • Synergistic ingredients
    • Complementary ingredients lift the powerful support of this product to the next level.
  • Support energy production naturally*
    • The collection of nutrients works to directly support the TCA (Krebs) cycle reactions to ultimately support the healthy efficient formation of cellular energy.
  • Support the handing of blood sugar and cell responsiveness to insulin*
    • Chromium, vanadium and biotin have all been shown to support healthy insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerate and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Promotes healthy function of hormones associated with metabolism, cravings, and satiety*
    • Selenium and iodine are minerals both associated with the healthy production of thyroid hormones which are very influential on healthy metabolic function. The minerals magnesium and zinc are both associated with healthy levels of leptin which is responsible for signaling hunger and fullness.
  • Naturally bioactive ingredients*
    • Our proprietary NatureFolate™ blend is naturally bioavailable and in its active form, which makes it a perfect choice for those concerned about folic acid or with MTHFR enzyme deficiencies.
  • Slow the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) associated with normal metabolism and aging*
    • AGEs are a normal component of aging, but dietary and lifestyle choices can influence the speed at which the process occurs. Through the addition of benfotiamine, biotin, carnosine and alpha-lipoic acid, Metabolic Multi is able to slow AGE formation and maintain health blood glucose metabolism and cellular aging.

Metabolic health is affected by a myriad of processes!

The complexities of metabolic health concerning blood sugar control, insulin sensitivity, energy production, cravings, and satiety require a strategically developed solution which can address each aspect through ingredient synergy and a comprehensive approach.

Numerous biochemical pathways are at work supporting and promoting metabolic health, why would you choose something which only has the ability to address a small portion of a large system. It is important to employ a wide-ranging approach when metabolic health is the goal.

When examining a supplement with claims of blood sugar and insulin maintenance certain aspects should not be ignored:

  • Ingredient choice: Bioavailable ingredients are a must. If you can’t absorb and utilize, what is the point of taking the supplement. Ingredients to look out for are:
    • B – Vitamins: A comprehensive blend, instead of just one or 2 options is necessary to fully support the complex biochemistry in question. It is also important to choose the active versions when appropriate. (B-12 as methylcobalamin is a big one!)
    • Naturally Bioactive Folate: Utilizing naturally occurring forms allows the body to more efficiently put this important nutrient to work.
    • Bioavailable Minerals: Depending on the preparation minerals can be very difficult to absorb. Using an easy to assimilate chelate version helps to ensure appropriate levels find their way to the blood stream. One of our favorites is TRAACS® made by the experts over at Albion Laboratories.
  • Synergistic Extras
    • The addition of a select few ingredients provides nutritional support to go the extra mile. Look for:
      • Alpha Lipoic Acid and Biotin – Support healthy insulin secretion and glucose metabolism
      • Taurine – Important for liver health and digestion of lipids
      • Carnosine - Supports healthy fat metabolism
      • Benfotiamine – Protects tissues through its effect on advanced glycation end products (AGEs)
  • Stay away from
    • Certain commonly found ingredients can stand in the way of your goals and should be avoided.
      • Artificial colorings
      • Hydrogenated oils (soybean oil)
      • Magnesium silicate
      • Titanium dioxide
      • Unnecessary fillers

Metabolic Multi is just what the doctor ordered!

Metaboli Multi was formulated with the express purpose of providing comprehensive support of metabolic health. The synergistic ingredients chosen are both highly bioavailable and provide multi-faceted support of healthy function across a wide span of metabolic function. Even better it continues to hold strong to our high demands on quality.  It is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Potent
  • Free from artificial sweeteners
  • Bioavailable natural form
  • Synergistic

If you are looking for comprehensive metabolic support look no further than Metabolic Multi.

Full day support!

Try it with our Clinical Complete Protein (vanilla or chocolate, your choice) for full spectrum support of healthy insulin and glucose responsiveness and the added benefits of satiety associated with protein intake. You can also get Metabolic Multi with our Metabolic  Health Package which addresses the support of healthy glucose metabolism, insulin signaling, satiety, and weight maintenance.  The package includes:

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

I have so much confidence in the quality and effectiveness of Dia Beat It that if you try it and aren’t satisfied I will give you a full refund and you don’t even have to send the bottle back. Keep it as my gift to you for the inconvenience.





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