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Body Calm Supplement Package
  • Body Calm Supplement Package
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Product Description

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Body Calm Package Highlights

  • Synergistic Musculoskeletal Support
  • Potent, bioavailable dosing
  • Selected ingredients for easy assimilation
  • Support a broad range of physiology promoting healthy muscles and joints
  • Non-GMO
  • Dairy and soy free
  • Package and auto ship order discounts

Synergistic Support of Healthy Muscle Sensitivity and Function

Healthy musculoskeletal function is taken for granted by many, but for those looking for the most robust support, look no further! The maintenance of healthy signaling and homeostasis of the inflammatory and cytokine response needs a comprehensive approach.

Many factors exist in supporting the healthy function and sensitivity of muscles, but taking a global view provides highly effective approaches. Muscle health is connected to many processes throughout the body, but a balanced inflammatory response and the ability to fully resolve the response is of paramount importance. The strategic application of the proper nutrients supports this goal in a variety of ways through nourishing the tissues, supporting healthy signals, and promoting efficient muscle recovery.

As with all of our products our goal is to provide only the best. With that in mind, the supplements found in the Body Calm Supplement Package are free from common allergens (dairy and soy), have no artificial sweeteners, and are sourced from non-GMO ingredients.

Metabolic Health is Complex and Requires a Comprehensive Approach

  • Clinical Omega Concentrate

    • Maintain inflammatory homeostasis*
    • Promote healthy cytokine balance*
    • Support happy muscles and joints*
  • Clinical Complete Multi+

    • Healthy function requires the proper foundational nutrients*
    • Best in class nutrients with extra alpha lipoic acid, TMG, bioflavonoids, choline, and inositol
    • True “powerhouse” supplement which is easy to absorb*
    • Vitamin D Longevity
      • Supporting healthy vitamin D levels is a crucial component to healthy muscle tone and function.*
    • Clinical Inflammatame

      • Support healthy inflammatory and balanced cytokine responses*
      • Synergistic ingredients
      • Powered by Curcumin
      • Supports the healing process*
      • Promotes healthy muscles*
    • Clinical Cal/Mag Blend

      • Synergistic promotion of healthy muscle contraction and relaxation*
      • Supports the healthy cellular production of energy throughout the day*
      • 1:1 ratio to support the increased magnesium needs of those most concerned with maintaining muscle health*

    Ingredient choice is everything!


    The art of synergy in product combinations is missed by many. When a thoughtful approach is taken to examine how separate supplement formulas complement one another, a package can be used to support synergistic function throughout the body. We strive to strategically leverage nutrient cooperation to provide you with a group of products which when combined are far more powerful.


    What is the point of using a supplement if your body is not able to absorb all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients? The bioavailability of nutrients is of the utmost importance, which is why we take pride in our careful selection of options to fulfill your essential needs.


    Having appropriate levels of nutrients carries amazing importance. While having a lot of “cool” ingredients in a product looks good, what is the point if there isn’t enough to promote and support your health goals. We can proudly state that we will never use “window dressing” ingredients.


    Ensuring supplements you use are clean and free of common contaminants and fillers can be a daunting task. We hope that our practices build the trust you deserve by ensuring certain ingredients are never present. We strive to avoid:

    • Artificial colorings
    • Hydrogenated oils (soybean oil)
    • Magnesium silicate
    • Titanium dioxide
    • Unnecessary fillers
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Allergens
    • GMO-containing ingredients

    Leverage the Benefits of Synergy

    The Body Calm Supplement Package works together to provide a foundation which comprehensively supports health. Utilizing the Body Calm Supplement Package affords the comprehensive support necessary to thrive in today’s world.  Learn more about the additional benefits of the supplements included in the Body Calm Supplement Package:

     Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

    I have so much confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the Body Calm Supplement Package that if you are not satisfied I will give you a full refund, and you do not even have to send the bottles back. Keep it as my gift to you for the inconvenience.


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