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Clinical Antioxidant
  • Clinical Antioxidant
  • Clinical Antioxidant
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Product Description

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Clinical Antioxidant Highlights

  • Aids in the protection from free radicals*
  • Potent antioxidant support*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Promotes a healthy aging process*
  • Protects DNA from free radicals and oxidative stress*
  • Non-GMO

Protect every cell in your body from free radicals – even your DNA!

Clinical Antioxidant provides bioavailable, comprehensive protection. Throughout the day we are under constant exposure to oxidative stress and free radicals. These molecules have the ability to interact with all of your cells at the sub-atomic level. That’s right; they actually interact with the electrons of your healthy cells. The presence of antioxidants is important to render the free radicals harmless and protect cells throughout your entire body.

Of special importance is the ability of free radicals to interact with our DNA. Protecting our DNA carries special importance to support the healthy transfer of our valuable genetic material as our DNA continually replicates. A broad spectrum of antioxidant nutrients is required, which help to compliment the action of the rest of the group. Clinical Antioxidant leverages this powerful synergy and even has included a propriety curcumin ingredient to give an even more potent boost.

The proprietary curcumin ingredient, Curcumin C3 Complex®, provides a bioavailable, well-researched foundation to support the power of Clinical Antioxidant. Through the inclusion of the highest quality ingredients, we can put our stamp of approval on this comprehensive product which meets or exceeds all our standards for quality which is dairy- and soy-free, non-GMO, and free from artificial sweeteners.

Reap the benefits from potent antioxidant support!

  • Protection from free radicals*
    • Free radicals occur for a variety of reasons, but the big challenge is their ability to engage with other cells throughout the body at a subatomic level. The healthy management of free radical activity throughout the body has been shown to support health in a variety of areas.
  • Promote healthy aging*
    • The protection provided from free radicals allows a cell to age at an appropriate rate, as high levels of unchecked oxidative stress have been linked to an accelerate aging process.
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
    • Antioxidant activity promotes vascular health through protection of blood vessels from LDL lipid peroxidation.
  • Support healthy DNA*
    • Our DNA is constantly repairing itself to ensure its appropriate function. DNA is highly susceptible to the effects of free radicals, but Antioxidant support protects DNA from free radical effects.
  • Potent protection against oxidative stress*
    • Curcumin and bioflavonoids are both proven antioxidants with a long track record of promoting healthy management of oxidative pathways.
  • Healthy regulation of genetic expression*
    • Ginkgo biloba extract up-regulates several genes which carry great importance to antioxidant enzymes necessary for their health promoting effects.
  • Supports the health of sensitive tissues such as the lungs and eyes*
    • Ingredients found in Clinical Antioxidant have been shown to protect the lungs against some environmental irritants.
    • Additional protection from oxidation stress has been shown to be beneficial to the health of the eyes.
  • Safety
    • We carefully chose ingredients which have an excellent safety record.

Full spectrum antioxidant support!

When looking at the research for antioxidants one of the most important messages to understand is there are a lot of different antioxidant nutrients, and they all have varying effects throughout the body. With that in mind, it is of crucial importance to ensure that you are acquiring these powerful little molecules from as large a variety of sources as possible.

Other antioxidant products may be only a single ingredient or just a small handful. Our goal was to provide the most comprehensive formulation that we could fit into a capsule. To achieve this goal, we placed a collection of 19 research proven antioxidants into our Clinical Antioxidant formula!

Clinical Antioxidant leverages the power of synergy!

With the development of Clinical Antioxidant, we chose the curcumin gold standard in Curcumin C3 Complex®, which has over ten years of clinical research to support its effectiveness and bioavailability. With this as a foundation, a variety of proven antioxidants were added, such as acerola cherry extract, vitamin E, garlic, flavonoids, and much more, and a potent, synergistic blend was born. This combination of nutrients supports health throughout the body across a wide span of functions.

Want more support for healthy aging?

The ingredients in Clinical Antioxidant promote healthy aging, but there are many other aspects which affect how we age. Our Anti-Aging Support Package was specially designed with this in mind. It combines several powerful supplements when used alone to create the ultimate combination for supporting a healthy aging process.  The package includes:

Don’t miss out on the systemic benefits of Clinical Antioxidant

  • Healthy aging*
  • Protection from oxidative stress*
  • Protection for your DNA*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

I have so much confidence in the quality and effectiveness of Clinical Antioxidant that if you try it and aren’t satisfied, I will give you a full refund, and you don’t even have to send the bottle back. Keep it as my gift to you for the inconvenience.





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