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Prior to starting Dr.  Gala's program, I weighed 183 lbs, and I was planning to have a total knee replacement.  I carried and used asthma medication.  Now I don't take any medication and I run 2.75 miles every other day.  I am so grateful to have been led to and engaged in Dr. Gala's wellness and supplement program

Ricky M.  (Eagle Point, Oregon)


Buying from Dr. Gala's online supplement store is so easy, convenient and time saving. It can be done any time, day or night.  I am so very satisfied using it!

Pearl S. (Stockton, California)


I love the convenience of online shopping, the process is simple and quick. The shipments are normally quick, due to this last holiday there was a little wait time.

Pattie K. (Eugene, Oregon)


With so much hype on social media and television about taking this or that supplement, I feel very assured that I am getting the best product out there with Dr. Gala’s supplement program.  Through his Healthy Living Program, I received the greatest of assurance, support, and encouragement from him and his staff. I truly feel they know what they are talking about and care about my success.  I know how great I feel and know the supplements are a great help.  I am completely satisfied with the convenience of ordering from Dr. Gala's online supplement store and with the quick delivery of the products to my door step.”

Marge B. (Magnolia, Ohio)


I have been using the supplements from Dr. Gala's store for almost two years. I have seen a great improvement in my quality of life and feel so much better physically and mentally. I also find it much easier to have them on auto ship so I do not have to remember when to reorder. 

Sandra Caffaratti (Norwich, OH)



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