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Clinical Inflammatame
  • Clinical Inflammatame
  • Clinical Inflammatame
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Product Description

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements


The Master Metabolic Switch

  • Synergistic support of healthy inflammatory responses*
  • Potent antioxidant support*
  • Supports healthy muscles and joints*
  • Promotes cardiovascular health*
  • Systemic synergy!
  • Non-GMO

Turn your master metabolic switches on with Clinical Inflammatame!

Clinical Inflammatame provides a bioavailable dose of curcumin combined with a host of complementary ingredients. The ingredients work together to promote health within some of the most impactful processes in the body. Some of which are so powerful, they have been termed the “Master Metabolic Switch!”

Combine the healthy expression of AMPK (the master metabolic switch) with a healthy dose of antioxidants, and support of healthy inflammatory response and you have some real power at your fingertips.

The proprietary ingredients found in Clinical Inflammatame; InflammENZ™, Curcumin C3 Complex®, and Boswellin® Extract provide a platform of bioavailable, well researched ingredients. Through the inclusion of the highest quality ingredients, we can put our stamp of approval on this comprehensive product which meets or exceeds all of our standards for quality which is non-GMO and free from artificial sweeteners.

Comprehensive support of healthy inflammation and antioxidant levels

  • Healthy inflammatory response is a must
    • Curcumin, boswellia, quercetin, rutin, rosemary, and resveratrol regulate the expression of certain enzymes which support a healthy optimal cytokine response.The addition of the proteolytic enzymes; protease, serratiopeptidase, protease SP, trypsin, and chymotrypsin all provide potent support of tissue health and homeostasis.
  • Synergy
    • Each ingredient in Clinical Inflammatame complements the function and purpose of the rest. This well thought out combination provides the synergy necessary to maintain balanced inflammatory responses and oxidative status.
  • Bioavailable Curcumin
    • Curcumin is notoriously difficult to get into the blood stream, which is where it provides its powerful support. The use of Curcumin C3 Complex® proves our continued commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients. This form of curcumin has been studied in 45+ clinical trials!
  • Support healing processes*
    • An important part of healthy inflammation is the portion in which tissue heals. Curcumin promotes healthy inflammation through the entire cycle.
  • Protection against oxidative stress*
    • Curcumin and bioflavonoids are both proven antioxidants with a long track record of promoting healthy management of oxidative pathways.
  • Promotes healthy function of key metabolic switches *
    • Blocks mTOR which, amongst many things, promotes the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel.
    • Activates AMPK, also known as the master metabolic switch, which is responsible for healthy glucose uptake, use of fatty acids as fuel, mitochondrial health, and the maintenance of insulin sensitivity.
  • Maintains brain health*
    • Brain health and mood have been shown to be supported by curcumin and flavonoids.
  • Safety
    • We carefully chose ingredients which have an excellent safety record.

Curcumin, curcuminoids, turmeric, OH MY!

Many versions of curcumin are on the market. Unfortunately, not all are as effective as they may claim to be. The research points to the powerful support of curcumin or turmeric hinging upon the resultant increases in curcuminoids in the blood stream. The increases in blood curcuminoid levels is directly related to the ability of the body to efficiently absorb and assimilate the chosen form of curcumin. This is very important because the bioavailability of the various curcumin and turmeric on the market has a huge range with some options increasing blood levels 2000% more than other options.

Many people attempt to increase the use of the spice turmeric in their diet with the thought they are getting the benefits which the research references. It is important to understand that researchers look at one portion of this powerful spice and it is very difficult to acquire the full health benefits by adding more to your favorite dish. Don’t get me wrong here, there is health benefit from cooking with turmeric, but it can’t be compared to the results of getting it from a high-quality supplement. Beyond ensuring curcumin is being used, one must ascertain the delivery method of your chosen product as curcumin molecules are large and difficult for the digestive tract to absorb. The size of the molecule requires help to ensure enough is absorbed to be relevant.

Many curcumin and turmeric options exist, but certain things should be avoided:

  • Turmeric: Turmeric alone is a delicious spice used in many dished, but will not provide the health promoting benefits you are looking for.
  • Curcumin with pepper extracts: This was very common at one time. The challenge is that the pepper extracts have been associated with increased GI irritation and leaky gut.

Clinical Inflammatame provides synergistic support!

With the development of Clinical Inflammatame we chose the gold standard in Curcumin C3 Complex®, which has over 10 years of clinical research to support its effectiveness and bioavailability. When we added InflammENZ® proteolytic enzymes, Boswellin® extract and bioflavonoids to the mix, a highly powerful, synergistic blend was born which has the capacity to support healthy metabolic and inflammatory processes across a wide span of function.

Try the inflammation support combo for real power!

The ingredients in Clinical Inflammatame carry a powerful ability to cooperate with Clinical Omega Concentrate for even more robust support. Many similar pathways are supported through separate mechanisms. Use them together for the most potent support of healthy inflammatory responses.

Don’t miss out on the systemic benefits of Clinical Inflammatame

  • Healthy inflammatory response*
  • Protection from oxidative stress*
  • Metabolic health*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

I have so much confidence in the quality and effectiveness of Clinical Inflammatame that if you try it and aren’t satisfied I will give you a full refund and you don’t even have to send the bottle back. Keep it as my gift to you for the inconvenience.





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