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Clinical Magnesium Complete
  • Clinical Magnesium Complete
  • Clinical Magnesium Complete
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Product Description

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Dr. Thad Gala Supplements

Clinical Magnesium Complete Highlights

Supports over 300 distinct biochemical reactions in the body

  • Gold standard in bioavailability
  • Promotes health in every organ of the body
  • Nearly everyone can benefit from increased magnesium intakes
  • The  magnesium in this product are Albion® mineral amino acid chelates for optimal tolerance and absorption.

The magnesium choice for those with the strictest standards!

Clinical Magnesium Complete provides a potent dose of magnesium in a highly bioavailable format. What’s the point of supplementing magnesium if you can’t efficiently get it into your body to all the areas it can provide highly valuable support? In a day and age where very few people show optimal levels of magnesium intake, the only thing you have to lose is losing out of the potent support of this seemingly simple mineral.

Clinical Magnesium Complete is your go to source to broadly support the health of your body through the 300+ reactions it supports in your body. This is one of our favorite supplements due to the simplicity of use which provides potent support throughout the body.

The secret to Clinical Magnesium Complete is the proprietary TRAACS® magnesium bisglycinate chelate. It has been specially designed by Albion Laboratories to be easily assimilated by the digestive tract, even when you may already have challenges with absorption. Albion Laboratories is a recognized leader in providing some of the highest quality ingredients.

Do you have enough Magnesium to realize its Power?

  • Suboptimal levels are pandemic
    • A significant body of evidence points to chronically declining levels of magnesium which creates an additional challenge for the body’s ability to maintain optimal health.
  • Your Heart LOVES Magnesium!*
    • Magnesium intake and healthy levels in the blood are associated with healthy cardiovascular function.
  • Maintain a healthy response to blood sugar and insulin*
    • Cells have been shown to maintain a healthy response to insulin and maintain balanced blood sugar metabolism.
  • Support the powerhouse of your cells, Mitochondria*
    • Maintain healthy levels of energy through healthy ATP metabolism. ATP is the currency of energy and magnesium is an important cofactor in the efficient, healthy production of energy by your mitochondria.
  • Magnesium is even an Electrolyte*
    • Magnesium is an important electrolyte, along with calcium, potassium and sodium. It is important to have enough of each to promote healthy balance.
  • Support healthy digestion and bowel movements*
    • Magnesium helps to maintain the body’s natural peristaltic action supporting healthy and complete elimination.
  • Calm muscles are happy muscles*
    • Healthy levels of magnesium help maintain relaxed muscles and promote healthy function.
  • Your Brain and Nervous System need it too*
    • Adequate magnesium status supports healthy mitochondrial function in the cells of the brain and other neurological tissues. This helps to promote a calm mind and maintenance of these important tissues.

Absorption is the Key!

When you are taking a magnesium supplement you are not taking just pure magnesium. It is attached to another molecule bound to the magnesium until the body separates the two and assimilates the magnesium to be used throughout the body.

The challenge is that the molecules which magnesium is generally combined with; oxide, citrate, glycinate, and more, have a large effect on the bioavailability of magnesium. Some of these forms hang onto the magnesium very tightly or have difficulty being absorbed in the digestive tract. The TRAACS® blend we use has been consistently shown to be the gold standard preparation with the highest level of bioavailability and assimilation into the body.

Clinical Magnesium Complete is the bioavailable choice!

We are proud to use the gold standard (TRAACS®) for magnesium absorption in our Clinical Magnesium Complete formulation. This is even an effective and safe option for those who may have absorption challenges. We know it is important to you to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ and are committed to providing supplements which don’t have window dressing ingredients. We want you to feel the difference, not have to convince yourself you made the right choice.

Don’t miss out on the systemic benefits of magnesium

  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Mitochondria support*
  • Promotes healthy cellular energetics*
  • Electrolyte balance*
  • Muscle health*
  • Digestive health*
  • Neurological health*

Synergy at its Finest

The Core 4 works together to provide a foundation which leverages the natural synergistic support of health. Utilizing the Core 4 affords the comprehensive support necessary to thrive in today’s world.  The Core 4 includes:

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

I have so much confidence in the quality and effectiveness of Clinical Magnesium Complete that if you try it and aren’t satisfied I will give you a full refund and you don’t even have to send the bottle back. Keep it as my gift to you for the inconvenience.





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